How do I request Telka's services?"
Telka schedules all of her own appointments. Email is the fastest way to reach her directly. Email inquiries are usually answered within the same business day. Although she would love to personally accommodate each and every new request for services, high demand for services makes this impossible. Telka will ask questions to help determine if her services are your best fit. If email is not available to you, simply call her office phone number to leave a confidential voice message. Please note Telka only retrieves voicemail messages when she is in her East Lansing office.  Messages left when she out of the office will be returned during the next business day. Please also note that voice mails are difficult to retrieve accurately if voices are mumbled, speech is rapid or cell reception is poor.
To expedite services, provide the following information in your email or phone message

1. Full name, phone number, email address and/or mailing address. 

2. Age (Telka limits services to adults between the ages of 21 and 62)

3. Employer, and type of insurance coverage. (Your mental health provider directory will indicate if Telka is an in-network provider for your insurance. 

4. Also indicate if you are seeking individual, couple or corporate services.

5. Briefly describe your treatment request including how you learned about Telka's services. 
 Telka does not offer walk-in or emergency services. If you have a medical emergency please call 911 or report to your nearest emergency room. Locally, emergency mental health assistance is available  through Ingham, Eaton and Clinton County Community Mental Health. 
"How do I know if Telka can help me?"
Telka's approach is solution-focused.  People who are interested in feeling better, making changes, improving insight and becoming the best version of themselves will do well with Telka's goal directed approach. People who "just want someone to talk to"....perhaps meeting weekly for years, with no particular goal in mind, will prefer to find a support-focused, long-term therapist. Because Telka's solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral approach is not for everyone, she will ask questions to determine if her services are your best treatment fit.  If she is not able to give your service request the time and attention you deserve, she will do her best to recommend other options to meet your needs. Due to time limitations, Telka no longer accepts new clients who request evening or weekend appointments. She currently refers out  requests for geriatric, child, adolescent and family therapy. She is no longer providing services for chronic, long-term conditions, legal testimony, criminal activity or those struggling with active addictions. Because Telka is not able to accommodate every service request, her resources such as her workbook,  self-help pdfs & useful videos are available on this website as free downloads to use with the therapist of your choice.
"Will Telka work with my teenager?"
Due to a high demand for services, Telka refers adolescent and family therapy to other specialists in the community. She will however, meet individually with parents to help them address skills, improve communication and strengthen parenting tools.  Watch the video by Jill Bolte-Taylor PhD help understand the adolescent brain: why teenagers are impulsive and risk taking.  Telka works with parents by sharing multiple resources and tools to help navigate through the tough job of parenting.  Parents of college students are recommended to visit a helpful website that provides guidance about parenting adults:

"May I schedule my spouse or my adult son or daughter for Telka's services?  May I schedule for my child attending MSU " 
Sorry, but no. The Health Information Privacy Protection Act (HIPPA) requires that competent adults consent for their own medical treatment. You are welcome to recommend Telka's services and to refer your loved one to this website  however, you may not request services or schedule appointments on their behalf. Telka is happy to respond directly to your loved ones request.  Concerned MSU parents are encouraged to contact MSU Student Services with questions and  concerns.

"We tried couple's therapy in the past but had a bad experience. What is Telka's success in working with couples?" 
Happily married to her college sweetheart since 1985, Telka's success with relationship strategies is reflected in both her personal life and her professional services. Telka insures therapeutic success by using a pre-screening process to determine if couple's therapy is the best treatment choice.  What many couples do not realize, is that couple's therapy is only successful if it is the correct treatment choice. People who struggle with violence, addiction, mental illness or mood disorders are not appropriate for couple's work until those individual issues are addressed first.
Couples counseling Pre-test:  Answer the following questions:
Yes    No    1. Is alcohol or drug usage causing stress or frustration? (Arguing after drinking? Smoking or drugs causing fights?)

Yes    No    2. Do either of you fear verbal, emotional or physical abuse? Not sure?          

Yes    No    3. Is a third party involved in this relationship?  Example: An affair, an unresolved prior relationship, over involved in-laws or  internet relationships?

Yes    No    4. Are either of you intending to use your couple's therapy as a forum to complain, blame or tattle on your partner? Examples: seeking therapy to change your partner  or enlisting a therapist to referee your fight.
Yes    No    5. Are either of you involved in destructive activity that  damages the trust in this relationship? (Compulsive lying, gossiping, cheating, substance abuse, excessive spending or illegal activity?) 

Yes    No    6. Have either of you decided to end this relationship rather than repair it? (Threat of a break-up? Attending therapy just so you can say that "you tried" before leaving?)
Scoring: "Yes" answers  indicate the need for an individual evaluation. Couple's therapy is most successful AFTER issues of mood instability, anger problems, alcohol, drugs, affairs, deception, domestic violence and illegal activity are resolved.

Resources to assist couples:  Telka often recommends that couples watch the videos below before starting couple's therapy.

Videos: John Gottman PhD.  Author of 7 Principles of a Successful Marriage & Mathematics of Marriage. How do you know when to end a relationship?  Read Telka's pdf"When to stay, when to walk away and when to run!" 

Frequently Asked Questions

Psychotherapist Telka Arend-Ritter     Weekdays  8:30a to 5:30p  (517) 332-9310  Email:  April 1 2019: Construction begins on Michigan ave. Click here for details                

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Frequently Asked Questions

 IF YOU HAVE A MEDICAL EMERGENCY CALL 911, DO NOT USE EMAIL or attempt to contact Telka.  

For urgent medical matters contact your physician’s office, psychiatrist’s office or report to your nearest emergency room.   Contacting Telka via phone or email is not a guarantee of service.   CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: Email communication may contain private, confidential, or legally privileged information intended for the sole use of   the designated and/or duly authorized recipient(s). 

"What's a Telka?"
Telka is often asked to clarify the origin of her unusual name. Her response is not complicated. "Born and raised in Michigan, the origin of my name is not exotic or even ethnically interesting.  My parents were college students in the 60's." 
A graduate of MSU, Telka has practiced as a licensed Masters level social worker since 1984. She has 10 years experience as a former Lansing Community College adjunct instructor and spent over 20 years working as an outpatient behavioral health therapist at Sparrow Hospital. In 2007 she opened her independent private practice. Telka's credentials include LMSW, ACSW,  a certified addictions counselor, and member of NASW. 

"How much do Telka's services cost?"
Telka's therapy services are covered by insurance as mental health treatment for stress, depression, anxiety and other emotional pain. Telka is an "in-network" provider for many major insurance plans. Contact your insurance company to determine your benefits and coverage. Telka's educational training and seminars are available to professional organizations at negotiated contracted rates. Life Coaching fees are negotiated based on specific needs.

"How do I find out if my insurance will cover Telka's services?"
1.Investigate the details of your outpatient mental health coverage in your health insurance policy.  Be sure to clarify that your provider search is for a mental health therapist. If you do not clarify, customer service often looks in a medical directory and is unable to locate mental health social workers in a physician directory.
2.Clarify your copay and deductible amounts to determine any "out-of-pocket" expense. 
Telka is accepting new patients for:  *Aetna, ASR, *Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO,  BCN, *Cigna, *Cofinity, HAP, Health Plus, Messa and McLaren. If you do not find Telka listed in your provider directory, check your "out of network" coverage.   Telka is an "out of network" provider for Magellan. Telka is not a contracted provider for: Cigna Behavioral Health, Humana, Ingham Health Plan, Medicaid, Medicare,  Tri-Care or Employee Assistance Programs. *Specific policies have complicated rules and exclusions so the bottom line is to contact your mental health provider directory first using Telka's NPI (National Provider ID of 1013066067, then email Telka with your  questions at