Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:
​​Change your thoughts, emotions follow.

Behavioral Therapy:
​Choose the behavior, choose the consequence.

Solution Focused Therapy:
Law of attraction: What you focus on, grows.

Positive Psychology:
Scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals to thrive.

Parking: ​Enter off Michigan Ave onto Reniger Ct.  Parallel park on the East side of Reniger Ct. in designated 2 hour parking areas or in the adjacent ramp in spaces marked "Client". Please note: Telka's office signage in located on the front of the building, facing Michigan Ave. Campus Village has no office signage near the back entrance. Click on directions below for more detailed instructions.

​​​​Telka's Services

"Years ago, I heard a story that continues to influence my work as a therapist.  I call  this story The Fly in the Window.

Picture in your mind, a small housefly buzzing around the perimeter of a very large glass window.

On the other side of that glass, is freedom..... so close, just inches away.
In an attempt to connect with the great-out-of-doors, the fly taps its little wings against every inch of that window. 

Buzz, buzz, bang! Buzz, buzz, bang!
The fly repeats the only strategy it knows—banging the glass. It backs up and dives forward again and again.
“The Definition of Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over, but each time expecting different results.”   Alcoholics Anonymous

Try as it might, that little fly cannot break through the solid glass.
Eventually, the buzzing stops.
The little fly’s body rests motionless at the bottom of the windowsill.

Imagine yourself stepping back now, away from the window. Creating this distance provides a larger perspective. From your new vantage point, you are able to see everything more clearly. You notice something you could not see before. Just a few feet away from the large glass window, you notice a door…
…And you are now able to see that the door is wide open.

Like the little fly, you too may feel blocked from making necessary life changes or from reaching your personal goals. 

If you feel tired, trapped or stuck you may also wish to seek a fresh perspective or a new direction.  
Maya Angelou once said, "You do what you know and when you know better, you do better."  
As a therapist, I help people address life’s problems by learning coping strategies and seeking healthier choices.

My therapy program provides the tools necessary to align your everyday thoughts and actions with your highest personal values.  
Pain is transformed into purpose.
Wounds are replaced with wisdom.
Emotional healing is possible. 

There is an open door.
Let’s go through it together. " 


Contact Telka Today to Create Your Own Life healing, Life Changing Therapy Treatment Plan.
*Services are available for adults only, ages 19 to 62.  

Cancellation Policy: To cancel or reschedule an appointment, please provide at least 24 hour advance notice. Keep in mind that "no-shows" or last minute cancellations prevent others from receiving services during that appointment time.  Although Telka does not charge cancellation fees, repeated cancellations (failure to notify of a cancellation within the allotted time-frame or "no-shows") indicates a problem and may result in a referral out to services elsewhere.

Psychotherapist Telka Arend-Ritter     Weekdays  8:30a to 5:30p  (517) 332-9310  Email:  April 1 2019: Construction begins on Michigan ave. Click here for details                

Telka Arend-Ritter LMSW

Psychotherapy Services in East Lansing.

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IF YOU HAVE A MEDICAL EMERGENCY CALL 911, DO NOT USE EMAIL or attempt to contact Telka.  For urgent medical matters contact your physician’s office, psychiatrist’s office or report to your nearest emergency room.   Contacting Telka via phone or email is not a guarantee of service.   CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: Email communication may contain private, confidential, or legally privileged information intended for the sole use of the designated and/or duly authorized recipient(s). 

Disclaimer:  Telka Arend Ritter, Psychotherapist in East Lansing,  does not offer emergency services or psychiatric medical care. For psychiatric and other medical emergencies, please report to your local emergency room.​ Due to a high demand for services, contacting Telka is not a guarantee of service.  For more information, see FAQ

​​Cognitive Dissonance Therapy:
​Align actions with values to reduce stress.

ACT:   Acceptance Commitment Therapy    Accept your reactions,  be present, Choose a valued direction, Take action

DBT: ​ Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation & Interpersonal Effectiveness.

Neuropsychology: Understand the role of brain chemistry, genetics and medical diagnosis to effectively treat mood and behavior problems.

Telka Arend Ritter in East Lansing,  provides assistance  for:

Stress & Mood disordersDepression, Anxiety, Social AnxietyAnger,OCD, PTSD, Grief and LossRelationship Stress: Break-up, Separation and Divorce Adjustment, Living Single, Parenting Concerns, Life stuff: Work Related Stress,  Dealing with Difficult PeopleRecovery ConcernsCollege adjustment ProcrastinationObesity, Excessive Spending and Low Self Esteem and other Self Defeating Behaviors.

​Services include mental health treatment covered by health insurance, private pay consultations and life coaching. 

Telka is an "in-network" provider for Aetna*, ASR, BCBS*, Blue Care Network, Cigna*, Cofinity*, HAP, Health Plus, McLaren, Messa, PHP, Priority Health, SPHN SPN, and others.   She is an "out of network" provider for Magellan, which is the mental health coverage for State of Michigan employees with BCBS PPO.   *Specific Aetna, BCBS and Cigna plans may vary. Telka is out of network for Cigna Behavior Health. Please consult your specific policy for details about mental health coverage with LMSW in solo practice. To assist your insurance customer service representative in locating Telka in your provider directory, her NPI is 1013066067 and her Tax ID is 20-8602759.  Please note that because Telka's services are not specifically designed for geriatric or disability concerns, she is not a Medicare provider. Straight Medicaid is contracted with Community Mental Health.

To request services: (See Frequently Asked Questions for more info) ​Telka schedules her own appointments. Email Telka directly at her HIPPA compliant email address: or if email is not available to you, leave a confidential voice mail at (517) 332-9310. For quick results, include the following information in your service request: ​Name, age, occupation and employer. (Telka's service line includes ages 21 to 62)

  1. Referral source: how did you hear about Telka's services? 
  2. Insurance type and if you are aware of and comfortable with your copay or deductible. 
  3. Have you located Telka as a covered provider within your insurance directory?
  4. What would you like help with?
  5. Scheduling availability: Able to attend daytime appointments?​​