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Telka's Quick Reference Guide: Watch these recommended videos to help with life's most common questions:

1. I thought I was having a heart attack but the doctor said it was "just panic". WHHAAATTTT?! I thought I was dying!!!!!  What is a panic attack? (4 minute video,

2. I have severe anxiety and am afraid it will happen again.  How do I  handle a panic attack? (4 minute video Panic attacks are super frightening, can someone explain more about them? (11

3. I need some help with anger.  Sometimes mine, sometimes other people's. Any suggestions? (Telka's Tools)

4.  How do I stop worrying about EVERYTHING?!   (18 min. video)  Any other tips that could help?(Martha Beck video 9 min)  Dawn Huebner Rethinking anxiety: Learning to face fear  (18 min Ted talk)

5. What is depression? I thought it was an emotion but I also hear it is a disease-- this is so confusing! (30 min video, Andrew Solomon)

6. I have had some bad luck on dates. Do you have any tips on how to be smarter about dating? (Telka's

Healthy dating rules)

7. I have trust issues. How do I fix that? (24 min Brene Brown video) Telka's Healthy trust pdf

8. Romantic relationships are really difficult to maintain. What can we do to fix the bumps?  (16 min Tedx video)

9. I am afraid of being alone. But I have also had some painful relationships.  What now? (14 min Tedx video)

10. Why are my teenagers so obnoxious? They changed overnight! I had fun kiddo's and now I have crazy teens!  HELP!!!! (17 min video, Jill Botle Taylor)  

11.  How do I know if there is too much partying?  (Telka's Substance abuse pdf)

12.  I want to make changes, but I don't know how to start. Help! (Telka's Creating best results. ​)




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Enjoy your complimentary materials, available by downloading. Please note that these materials are not intended to replace medical care. Please consult your physician, or health care professional for treatment of illness.  

Telka's 250 page workbook (15.2 MB file) contains the materials and instruction used in Telka's popular solution focused therapy services.  Her "Change Your Thoughts: Heal Your Life" workbook is an effective self-help instructional guide, as well as a  tool for health care professionals and educators.  (This is a work in progress, without professional editing.) In celebration of her 10 year anniversary in private practice:

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